My Glamorous New York Lifestyle

NY_lightsA friend offered me a sublet in New York and my work allowed me six weeks off because they support my art career (!) and here I am in the Big Apple. I booked some shows, had some power lunches, and I’m taking a clowning and movement intensive for actors which is a dream come true. Also went to the O’Neill National Puppetry Conference and saw Sleep No More (another dream come true). But mostly I have just been lying on the couch swiping left on Tinder.

I opened for Louis C.K.!

LCK_signageLouis C.K. is doing small venues this year to work out his new material, and he’s using a local comic from each city to open for him. So with three hours’ notice, I found myself on stage at the Orange Peel in front of a thousand people saying, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Louis C. K!” LCK_selfieIt was surreal. He said “good job,” and he meant it. Yes, I got to hang out with him and he is nice and he’s a lot like you would think he’d be. No, I haven’t gotten signed for any TV deals yet. But I did get this blurry photo with him.